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The best Jagannath Puri tour packages from Dhamtrip

Jagannath Puri is the center of magnetism for both devotees as well as visitors, situated on the sea shore of Orissa, which is also recognized as Shri Kshetra of Purushotham. This antique temple was built by king Anangabhima deva. This excessive pilgrim center draws countless crowds not only from India but also from other parts of the globe through the year. It is a matter of happiness for the pilgrims to take holy hollow in the sea and bath with the holy liquids of Markandeya, Indradyumna, Swethaganga samovar’s. The stature of the shrine is about 215ft. Lord Shri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu had remained here during his last years. Jagannath Puri is celebrated for so many temples and mutts between Shri Shankaracharya mutt, Shri Lokanath mutt and Emir Mutt. Also having road links Jagananth Puri is also linked by rail from Khurda road, which is about 40km gone.

The sophisticated stone column (8m) at the gate outdone with the figure of Aruna, Charioteer of Surya, was carried here from the sun temple of konark in the 18th century; there is a robust wall everywhere the inner temple known as the Meghanad Prachir which has four entrances. Guarded by two massive stone lions, the entrance is known as Simha Dwar (the lion entrance) and is secondhand during the Rath horseback, tigers arrivals in South, West and North correspondingly. 
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Rameshwaram tour package

Rameshwaram is the single one of the four Dhams where the resident Deity is Lord Shiva. The further three have either Vishnu in one form or  His avatars in residence. The temple is constructed on an island in the Gulf of Mannar at the tip of the prominent that projects out of the Indian Subcontinent in the direction of Sri Lanka. It is built on the place where Lord Rama  Vishnu's seventh avatar, worshipped Shiva prior to His attack on Lankapuri, the capital city of the Rakshasas to saving His beloved wife Sita who had been kidnapped by Ravana, king of the Rakshasas.

The temple has extra significance because it is, first of all, a Jyotirlinga, and secondly, it is said in the scriptures that a pilgrimage to Varanasi to emolument homage to Lord Vishwanath is incomplete without also paying homage to Lord Ranganatha at Rameshwaram. The Dham is also singular in that it is an vital pilgrimage place for both Vaishnavites as well as Shaivites. Rameshwaram is named the  Varanasi of the South.


Pilgrims aware with the "Ramayana", written almost 3,000 years ago, find importance in many milestones about the place. One of the most momentous of these is the Gandhamardhan Parvat (a hill) on top of which Rama's footprint is still found fixed in a rock at the topmost portion of the mountain. There are also other places of interest to the devout pilgrim and this is a preferred spot to cleanse one's soul if one is a Hindu.

Another acceptance is that Lord Sri Rama earlier constructed a mythical bridge to Sri Lanka from this Rameshwaram beach.

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Places to visit

 Ramanathaswamy Temple
The famous Ramnathswamy temple was manufactured in the 17th century and is located close by  the sea on the eastern side of the Rameshwaram Island. The Ramnathswamy temple is well-known for its 1200 massive stonework columns. The temple has 54 meter tall gopuram (gate-tower) and 1220 meters of wonderful corridors.

The Agniteertham is located at  few meters from the Ramnathswamy temple. It is assumed to be situated at the same spot where rama worshipped  god Shiva.

Dhanushkodi is situated at the eastern end of the island. It is called after Lord Ram's bow and is at a space of 8 km from Rameshwaram. The stones in the sea between Sri Lanka and Dhanushkodi are known as Adam's bridge. It is understood that Lord Hanuman used them to reach across Sri Lanka.

At a distance of 24 km from Rameshwaram, Erwadi is a significant place of Muslim pilgrimage. The tomb of Ibrahim Sahid Auliya is situated at Erwadi. Muslims from across the world visit Erwadi, especially for the duration of the month of December to join in the annual festival held to pay tribute to the saint.

 Gandamadana Parvatham
This holy shrine clamps a wheel with  footprint of Lord Rama. The shrine stands on the top point on the island, around 2 kms from Rameshwaram.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sri lanka ramayana places

As you know about  the Sri  lanka  ramayana  places , Sita Devi was taken to Sri Lanka by its earliest King Ravana using his peacock flight. As per the appeal of Lord Rama, Hanuman went on searching for Sita Devi and found her in Srilanka jungle under the custody of King Ravana. Then lord Hanuman came back to India and informed it to Lord Rama. Then Lord Rama made a bridge to Sri Lanka over the sea from India and came to Sri Lanka and made war against King Ravana and killed him and bring back his wife Sita Devi.

Still there are many places in Sri Lanka that are linked to Ramayana epic. For example a place is there next to the river on a mountain area which is called as Sita Eliya where history says that Sita was kept in residential in this Asoka vanam. Now there is a temple for the Sita Amman along with Lord Rama, Luxshmana, and Hanuman too. There are small and large foot prints on the near by the rocks where people believe these were of Hanuman when he expanded his body to look larger.


Muneswaram Sivan Temple is another significant place, where Rama pray to Shiv Linga to get rid of Brammahaththi Dosam that came on him for killing the King Ravana who was a believer of the Lord Shiva.
Near to this Muneswaram Temple is the place Manavari Temple where Lord Rama crated his own Shiv Lingam to worship and named it as Rama Lingam. This is the one and only Ramalingam being worshiped out side of India. In India the Ramalingam is worshiped in the Rameswaram temple.

Another important place is Kelaniya Buddhist Temple, here you can see the devious details on how King Ravana's Brother Vibeeshnan was capped as the king of Lanka.

Other important places in the Ramayana tour of Sri Lanka includes
    Manavari Shivan Temple
    Seetha Devi Temple
    Ravana Cave
    Manavari Temple
    Ashok Vatika
    Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple 
    Ramboda Hanuman Temple
    Inuvil Hanuman Temple.

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This tour will provide you chance to outlook many of the exciting place that are very popular with the foreign tourist throughout your tour here. For example when traveling from Negombo to Kandy, we will stop at the Pinnawela elephant orphanage where you can view young elephants in the transfer camp. In Kandy you can visit spice garden, Gem museum and cultural show. If you like you can extend the tour with more actions like sightseeing, shopping and many more interesting activities.